What is Smart Home?

Today, according to the debates related to the realization of energy prices and the elimination of subsidies related to it in the country, an increase in energy consumption costs seems likely. Therefore, the need to use building intelligence has become more and more prominent. In addition, due to the depletion of energy resources and the […]

Residential Buildings

Intelligent system solutions in residential buildings What is a smart home? Like many people who are new to smart home, you may be wondering what a smart home is and what it does. Or where should I start if I want to make my home smarter? If you stay with us until the end of […]

Smart Home Facilities

Intelligent lighting control Considering that lighting systems make up a major share of a building’s energy consumption; In an intelligent building system, by using presence detection sensors, ambient light sensors and installing smart keys, in addition to the possibility of adjusting the ambient exposure, energy consumption is significantly reduced. In general, the facilities that are […]