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Company Tessis was established in 2021 and the main field of activity of this company is in the field of control of building electrical systems. The company has started its services with the aim of providing specialized products and services of the world’s largest companies in order to optimize energy consumption, comfort and security of using electrical equipment in the building.

The activities of this company to consulting, design and supervision departments, providing equipment Installation, specialized training as well as providing comprehensive solutions in the field of smart residential, office, commercial, hotel and medical buildings have been organized.

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This company is the only and most reputable official of sales and installation of KNX products in Romania and all around EU, which uses its skilled experts (after receiving the official certificate of the main company) in the field of consulting, design and supervision, installation and commissioning of Building Automation as He continues to work completely professionally.

At present, this company has provided a field with high executive power of its specialists and skilled people, which is the result of many years of efforts and gaining useful knowledge and experience in smartening and synchronizing building electrical equipment with the most modern technologies in the world and modern needs.

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The addition of buildings to this technology to create a suitable platform to further strengthen relations with various projects of government agencies, companies and large residential, commercial, administrative buildings.

Relying on the high abilities and capabilities of managers with high experience and knowledge, as well as the cooperation of qualified, expert and committed domestic and foreign technical experts in the field of energy efficiency, as well as close relationship with foreign information sources and use of very useful and valuable experiences. They have tried to increase technical knowledge and improve the level of productivity in all buildings in Romania and other European countries.

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