What is Smart Home?

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Today, according to the debates related to the realization of energy prices and the elimination of subsidies related to it in the country, an increase in energy consumption costs seems likely.

Therefore, the need to use building intelligence has become more and more prominent. In addition, due to the depletion of energy resources and the destructive effects of its excessive consumption on the environment, it is possible to contribute to the reduction of energy consumption in line with the global community, using new technologies.

The intelligent building system, in addition to its role in optimizing energy consumption, also brings comfort and well-being, so it can be hoped that in today’s busy and modern life, it is a suitable solution to create more comfort and speed up daily affairs.

Sometimes being homeless and forgetting things that may be dangerous can be very frustrating and out of control. Or, for example, imagine that you are at work and your meeting lasts late and you have two children at home who are worried about their safety or you want to make sure that they have done their homework in your absence.

You can not do any of the above with your mobile phone and tablet or your tablet. you can? Having a smart home reduces your worries and allows you to remotely control all your home electronics via your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, so that the software is installed on them. And you can connect to your software and home devices and enjoy its benefits.

In fact, all your electronics are in a network and by using CCTV control and home simulation, ensure your home security and control them remotely on the Internet. Because of this, you enter a small world of the Internet of Things. A world where all devices and objects become a network and is experiencing significant progress every day.
The smart home has an advanced communication infrastructure in which all the electromechanical systems of the building are centrally monitored and controlled. they experience.

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