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Features of an intelligent hotel management system

Lighting system control

In a smart suite, using the panel or smart keys, tablet and mobile phone of the guest, it is possible to control the lighting system separately or based on specific scenarios.

Cooling and heating system control

Installation of smart panels with built-in thermostat allows you to measure the room temperature and compare it with the desired value to send the on and off command to the cooling and heating system. In addition to controlling the cooling and heating system intelligently, it is possible to control it manually, based on defined scenarios and also using a remote control. After completing the reception steps, the reception manager is able to activate the cooling and heating system before the guest enters his room to achieve comfort conditions in two different modes of heating or cooling. Also, in order to save energy, if the door and window are left open or the guest leaves the room, the ventilation system can be prevented from working with maximum efficiency.

Intelligent safety and security system

 Intelligent safety system using highly advanced sensors to report all hazards such as fire, gas leakage, water leakage و immediately by phone or by sending a text message on the mobile phone or warning on the hotel management software page and by specifying the true path, the risk reduces the time it takes to address the problem. Usually, sensors with different functions and according to the need (temperature sensor, humidity, light intensity, smoke, etc.) are installed in the environment to finally use the data received from these sensors in applications such as security and consumption reduction and use. To be. For example, leaving the suite door open after a certain period of time will be notified to the guest through the communication platform as well as the reception area.

In addition, modern cameras can be used to monitor the entire hotel complex. And accessed the necessary recorded images when necessary. Installing emergency keys in a smart suite allows you to send alarms to the reception to respond quickly to situations.

Send special messages:

Inside the smart suites, in order to increase the level of comfort and convenience of the guests, it is possible for the guest to send his commands and requests to the reception section through the smart panel, and the person in charge of receiving the receipts receives the commands through the software and handles them in the shortest possible time. Commands and requests sent from inside the suite are:

  • SOS: If the guest is in an emergency situation, it is possible for the guest to announce the reception to the reception through the smart panel through the smart panel, and the reception receives the alarm related to that suite through the hotel software and in the shortest possible time in Take action to eliminate the danger.
  • MAKE UP ROOM: The passenger notifies the receptionist or the housekeeper of the request to clean the room by selecting the relevant key through the smart panel or card holder and through the central management system and the corresponding light on the panel behind the door (hotel doorbell ) Will be turned on.
  • LUNDRY: By selecting this command from the smart panel or from the location of the card holder, in addition to turning on the relevant light behind the door, information related to the request for washing clothes will be sent to the reception department.
  • DO NOT DISTURB: If the command is selected, do not disturb the guest will be notified by the central management system and will prevent disturbance for the said suite. In addition, the touch alarm system will be deactivated.
  • CHECK OUT: When the guest decides to leave the hotel, by sending the check out command to the intelligent central management system, he receives the information through the hotel software and takes the necessary steps to receive the said suite in the shortest possible time.

Audio system control

In a smart suite, it is possible to control the music playback through the smart panels, tablet or mobile phone of the passenger.

Several different input sources such as radio, CD, memory card, fiber optic, network and Bluetooth can be used to play music.

Electric blinds and shutters control

In a smart suite, through smart panels, it is possible to control the opening and closing of curtains and electric shutters and execute various scenarios such as day, night, sleep, entry, exit and.. The receptionist is able to open the curtains of the relevant suite before the guest enters through the software and from the reception area as part of the welcome scenario.

Control all the facilities and equipment of the suite through the guest mobile phone In a smart hotel

after receiving the guest, a security barcode is provided to him, which can be easily decrypted via tablet or mobile phone. After installing the relevant application, the guest activates his mobile phone or tablet to control the suite by entering the details and room number. In this way, the guest will be able to control all the equipment and facilities of his suite via mobile phone (or tablet) and separately or through predefined scenarios such as study, rest, TV, night, day and…. Also in a smart suite, the guest is able to send various requests such as room cleaning, Check Out, food service, room cleaning, car reservation and… to the reception via his mobile phone or tablet. On the other hand, identifying people visiting a room has always been a guest’s concern. In a smart suite, a person is able to receive the image behind the door in real time on his mobile phone through the camera installed in the doorbell.

Unique benefits of smart hotel :

  1. Connect all the equipment of a suite with each other and the intelligent management base of the hotel
  2. Integrated suite management software
  3. Integration with Hotel Asset Management System (PMS)
  4. Energy consumption management

  1. Connect all the equipment of a suite with each other and the intelligent management base of the hotel In a smart suite (RCU), the Room Controller Unit is able to connect the suite to the hotel’s intelligent management software. Through the RCU, it is possible to connect all the devices to each other through a central processor, and thus the guest will be able to control all the devices through smart panels, mobile phones, tablets, and so on.
  2. Integrated suite management software Although different software systems with different applications are designed for hotels, a hotel system that covers a wide range of a hotel needs from the reservation system to controlling access to suites and covering guest requests will play a major role in facilitating things. One of the most basic needs of hotel management software to meet it is to benefit from the ability to monitor, manage and control the suites. The smart hotel software, while displaying a schematic of all the suites and their equipment on the monitor of the reception server, makes it possible for the hotel manager and the receptionist to centrally and seamlessly monitor the system performance and conditions of the suites and be able to monitor all equipment in To reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, and most importantly increase the level of guest satisfaction. Hotel management software, while displaying each suite separately by floor and suite number, also provides the following facilities: • Ability to assign a suite to the guest and deliver a smart card with a certain validity period to him • Ability to monitor the presence or absence of people with different access levels (housewife-guest-manager) in the suite • Ability to monitor and even control all systems inside the suites, including lighting, cooling and heating systems, curtains and… • Ability to respond quickly to guest requests (room cleaning, assistance, etc.) by reception • Announcing various warnings (leaving the door of the suite, accident occurring, etc.) to be accepted by voice • Control all systems centrally at the time of the accident • Report events by each suite such as arrival time, type of access and… • Ability to send reports in SQL format

  1. Integration with Hotel Asset Management System (PMS) In a smart hotel, it is possible to integrate comprehensive suite management software and asset management system (PMS), which is a comprehensive application software to cover basic issues such as coordinating operational functions in the Front Office, sales, planning and Used in a hotel, there. This ultimately saves time, reduces human error and thus increases guest satisfaction.

  1. Energy consumption management In a hotel intelligent management system, it is possible to define different operating modes for all suites. This method, without the need to reduce the quality of services provided in a suite, leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption. Among the measures that are taken intelligently in order to optimize energy consumption in different modes, the following can be mentioned: – In Empty mode, where the suite is not dedicated to a party, all electrical equipment such as lighting and cooling and heating systems are turned off automatically. – In Preset Modes, different programs can be set for the operation of all equipment. These modes can include study mode, sleep, day, night and even Check Out, for example, in which case all electrical equipment is deactivated after the guest leaves the suite. – In Occupied Mode, for example, the room temperature increases over a period of time, taking into account the principle of energy saving. – In the guest exit mode or Guest Away Mode, all electrical equipment is turned off or in standby mode, and as soon as the guest returns, all equipment such as lights, electric curtains, cooling and heating system, and باز return to their original state. – In Cleaning Mode, the cooling and heating system and other electrical equipment are turned off and only the sockets and a few light lines that are necessary to clean the room are active.

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