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Intelligent lighting control Considering that lighting systems make up a major share of a building’s energy consumption; In an intelligent building system, by using presence detection sensors, ambient light sensors and installing smart keys, in addition to the possibility of adjusting the ambient exposure, energy consumption is significantly reduced. In general, the facilities that are provided to users in order to control the lighting in a smart home can be mentioned as follows: • Ability to control the lighting system separately in each area • Ability to control the lighting system based on different scenarios such as: entry, exit, guest, sleep, and سن scenarios. Suppose in the sleep scenario, without the need to inspect all parts of the house, the lighting lines can be adjusted to the desired light intensity from inside the main room or via a mobile phone or tablet. • Ambient lighting capability: In a smart home, it is possible to adjust the ambient light to the desired state based on different scenarios, which in addition to beautifying the home environment, has a great impact on the mood of the building’s occupants. • Drying capability: In the intelligent system, there is the advantage of adjusting the brightness of a number of lines based on the desired conditions from 0 to 100% of the output, which in addition to the beauty of the environment saves energy consumption. • Ability to control the lighting system based on ambient light intensity: There is the ability that if the percentage of ambient light exceeds the desired amount, a number of lighting lines to turn off automatically to prevent energy wasting and vice versa. • Ability to control the lighting system based on the sensor: In deserted environments, the lighting system is deactivated to save energy consumption and is activated automatically if people are detected. • Ability to control and command the outdoor lighting system via SMS • Ability to control and command the lighting system anywhere in the house via remote control • Ability to control the lighting system of all parts of the house via mobile phone or tablet • Ability to control the lighting system of all parts of the house from the master room Automatic curtain / shutter / canopy / door control system Using the intelligent system, various models of curtains, shutters and awnings can be easily controlled by different methods. With this system, you can control them by using smart keys and touch panel in different grammatical formats such as direct command, scenario or even by sending a short message. In the intelligent system, the curtains can be opened and closed automatically at different times or under factors such as the intensity of light inside and outside the building or the intensity of ambient heat, without the need to spend special time and energy to manage the condition of the curtains.

Cooling and heating system

To control the cooling and heating system, which is done by the air conditioner, the default temperature is set by the user (Set Point) and starts operating. In this case, when the temperature of the mentioned space reaches the desired level, the command to stop the cooling and heating system is issued by a predetermined program, which leads to a reduction in energy consumption. The question may arise that the same goal can be achieved with the use of traditional thermostats, but it must be said that the intelligent system can quickly detect when a door or window is open in space and the heating / cooling system automatically shuts off that space. And prevented energy wastage. While this is not possible when using a traditional thermostat. On the other hand, the possibility of integrated fan coil control is one of the advantages of the intelligent system. In general, the features of a smart building in terms of controlling the cooling and heating system are: • Ability to control the cooling and heating system separately in each area • Ability to control the cooling and heating system based on different scenarios such as: entry, exit, guest, sleep and scenario. For example, in the exit scenario, it is possible to send a shutdown command from the panel or via a mobile phone or tablet to the cooling-heating system of all parts of the house. • Ability to control and command the cooling and heating system outside by sending an SMS, suppose before setting the house by sending an SMS command to set the heating and cooling system at the desired temperature. • Ability to control and command the cooling and heating system anywhere in the house via remote control • Ability to control the cooling and heating system of all parts of the house via mobile phone or tablet • Ability to control the cooling and heating system of all parts of the house from the main room .

Remote control system of the building

All places equipped with intelligent system have the ability to control remotely (outside the building) via mobile phone, Internet (GPRS) and SMS. This enables us to prepare and prepare the environment for use and control in the best possible way. Security and protection case control system Establishing safety and security in a residential building has always been one of the concerns of residents. In a smart home, in addition to passive systems such as sirens and alarms, presence detectors, glass break detectors and door and window sensors, active systems such as presence simulation are also discussed in the security system. Among the facilities that the intelligent system provides to residents in the discussion of safety and security, the following can be mentioned: • Ability to activate the security system based on different security modes such as leaving home, traveling, night and…

  • In case of unauthorized entry into the house, the necessary alarms are given and also in case of absence of the residents in the house, the smart system sends an SMS to the landlord. • Ability to simulate presence: If you choose the security mode of travel, the intelligent system turns on and off a number of lights during the hours of the day and night according to a certain schedule, and also opens and closes the curtains, and the impression arises that someone is inside the house. has it. • Awareness that doors and windows are open and closed when leaving the house as an alarm or as a voice message • In case of fire, the system announces the necessary warnings in the form of alarms or voice messages, and in the absence of residents inside the house, sends a message to the landlord.

Audio and video equipment control system

In the smart system, we will no longer need to use the IR remote to turn TVs and LCDs or splits on and off. There is this feature in the smart system that can transfer the codes of different remote controls to smart keys and apply changes to each device from any key in any space, or at a higher level, you can use portable touch panels and tablets. Have all the remotes of the electronic devices you use together and manage each of those devices with just one click.

Intelligent scheduling, guidance and control system applicable in the building

 All executive intelligent systems in the building have the ability to schedule according to the needs and requests of the client. In this way, routine programs that are not performed frequently and daily in the building can be planned and managed by this system. By doing so, it reduces all orders without any defects or forgetfulness and costs related to the management and execution of these orders and in most cases eliminates them. Management and storage in energy consumption The main purpose of using the intelligent control system in a building is energy storage and correct and optimal consumption of facilities. The result of this purpose, in addition to energy storage, is the return on initial capital spent on the implementation of the intelligent control system.

Advanced lighting system

Today, with the advancement of the science of structural facade design and the use of modern lighting equipment in the implementation of modern lighting systems, it is possible to provide valuable services in this field. In this regard, Pars Smart Engineering Company, using various lighting equipments such as wall washers, par-LEDs, decorative lights, hidden lights, RGB and even Moving Head, offers the best lighting systems for facades, stages, halls, etc. Seems.

Monitoring and controlling intelligent systems

Today, with the advancement of computer science and the design of programs with extremely high graphics and flexibility to serve people with different levels of information, it is possible to obtain complete and valuable information from all smart systems installed in and Used for better management. This information can be displayed on any of today’s modern and advanced communication devices and by software designed under the formats of Android, iPhone, Windows and web-server can be displayed on any hardware device such as computer, laptop, tablet, phone Be viewable, controllable and programmable under Android and iOS operating systems.

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