Intelligent Irrigation System

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Intelligent irrigation system for better management of water consumption

Irrigation affects the quality and quantity of crops or greenery of plants, which has a strong effect on our profits and interests.

The intelligent irrigation system empowers farmers to have a constant supply of water to meet the needs of their crops. The same goes for green space lovers.

Water is the lifeblood of plants. It is also a valuable resource for widespread use in the agricultural industry. Measuring plant water balance is the best way to determine the right amount and time of irrigation. Until now, farmers have had to go to orchards to manually measure these amounts. But breeders have come to the conclusion that this is a very inappropriate and inefficient way of examining environmental and meteorological information. Intelligent irrigation system is an effective answer to solve the problems of breeders and farmers.

So it’s time to use the HDL brand smart irrigation system to serve your plants.

Features of intelligent irrigation system

  • Reliable service
  • No need for manual measurements
  • Manage all landscapes and green spaces at a glance and in the form of smartphones and so on
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ability to publish data

Why do we need an intelligent irrigation system?

The intelligent irrigation system can optimize the level of water consumption, and this is done by predicting climate information and soil moisture. This solution is implemented through wireless humidity sensors that are related to intelligent irrigation controls and sends this information to the system to know the condition of the land and its need for water.

In the United States, about 9 billion gallons of water are used every day for outdoor use, a large part of which is related to water consumption for irrigation of green space. About 50% of this water is wasted due to over-irrigation by inefficient traditional irrigation systems and methods.

Smart irrigation technology can be used to deal with this huge problem. Especially in the current situation where the water crisis is getting worse every day.

The intelligent irrigation system provides a regular and automatic irrigation schedule for pre-defined green space needs. These controllers significantly improve the efficiency of water consumption outdoors.

Intelligent irrigation controllers monitor air, soil conditions, evaporation and plant water consumption to match the irrigation schedule with the actual conditions in that particular land. For example, increasing the outside temperature or decreasing the amount of rain.

Control of intelligent irrigation system pays special attention to variables and characteristics of land, such as soil type, amount of water sprayed by sprinklers. So there are many options for intelligent irrigation system controllers.

Weather controllers based on intelligent irrigation

These controls are evapotranspiration or ET. A combination of the words Evaporation and Transpiration

ET weather information uses 4 parameters: temperature, wind, sunshine and humidity

This is the most appropriate and accurate way to calculate the water required for green space.

Controllers with soil moisture sensors in intelligent irrigation

Soil moisture sensors use one of the proven technologies to measure soil moisture.

Soil moisture level, around the roots of grasses, trees or shrubs, is calculated by Dorsey moisture detection sensors and this information is sent to the controllers to control the conditions.

Smart irrigation solutions avoid wasting water and spending more money.

In contrast to smart irrigation system controllers and traditional irrigation controls, professionals have stated that different intelligent irrigation scenarios save a lot of water.

The results of various researches and studies show that the amount of water storage is 30 to 50%.

Experiments conducted by the Irrigation Association and the International Center for Water Technology in California show that intelligent irrigation controllers save about 20 percent of water consumption. So you can see the return on investment in a very short time, and at the same time experience considerable calm and control over what is happening around our plants.

Intelligent irrigation system

In order to provide intelligent solutions for irrigating pastures, ‌ green spaces, و gardens and wherever the plant breathes, tessis provides intelligent services and products to control the conditions, soil monitor soil properties, ‌ climate and humidity to achieve The best time to irrigate is to seek comfort for plant lovers and agricultural activists.

Iran, our four seasons, with the richest soils, for planting valuable agricultural products, or creating spectacular green spaces in the corners of cities and provinces can expand its activities in these areas by taking control of water consumption to become a green and prosperous Iran. At the same time, it will make a lot of savings for the future.

It’s time to make the most of technology to create leisure, productivity, reduce costs and save resources.

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